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    Written by Alissa on
    May 5th/2019

    Свързано изображение1. The filmmaker meets the band …

    Looking for some inspiration after finishing 20th Century Women, writer-director Mike Mills reached out to the National’s Matt Berninger about doing a video for the group’s 2017 album, Sleep Well Beast. (Mills has always loved the band and listens to its music while he writes.) Berninger, himself a fan of Mills, handed over a dropbox of cast-off fragments from various recording sessions and told the director, “Whatever you want to do, we’d be up for.”


    2. The actress meets the filmmaker …

    Alicia Vikander had reached out to Mills after seeing his film Beginners,saying she’d like to collaborate, and the two kept in touch over the years. Mills invited her to brunch with him and his friends when she visited L.A.


    3. The actress and the director come up with a concept …

    Vikander, a trained dancer, told Mills she wished she could use those skills in something. This fit with an idea Mills had for a short: “Reducing a life to a list and including highly banal things alongside highly poignant things, flattening it all out.” Mills also felt Vikander had the technical ability to play someone from a baby to an old woman without makeup. The events in the script varied from an abortion, to a marriage, to an affair, to death.


    4. The concept becomes a film …

    Vikander improvised the character’s life from the bare outline of Mills’s script, which she recalls nearly brought her to tears. She came up with everything from the way the character dances to how she walks as a toddler: “I was YouTube-ing baby videos.” Mills appreciated that this made his life easier. “I directed the least I’ve ever directed,” he says. Vikander suggests Mills did a lot more. “He’s like a good conductor,” she says.


    5. The film becomes an album …

    Mills assembled the soundtrack by sampling from the music Berninger had sent him. After seeing early cuts of the short, the band decided to both refine the fragments in the film and expand on the ideas in a full-length album. “Mike Mills threw a little flashlight in a bunch of different directions, and of course we all went running after it,” Berninger says. He and his wife, Carin Besser, who took on a larger role in writing lyrics for this album than she had in the past, wrote new songs inspired by the themes from Mills’s film.


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    6. The director helps produce the album …

    In the studio, Mills offered radical suggestions that redirected the National’s sound. “We’re critical of ourselves, and we edit things down to kind of destroying them,” says band member Aaron Dessner. “Mike was more generous, like, No, I want this to breathe and to be big and to have drastic shifts in tone.” Mills’s presence also changed the National’s working dynamic. “Aaron and I have been fighting on the same playground for 20 years,” Berninger says. “And some guy comes [and] gets the Greasers and the Socs to get along.”


    7. The album changes the band’s sound …

    The 24-minute film Mills and Vikander made helped forge a new direction for the National. “For me, it’s an ode to this woman,” Mills says. “It smells to me like a bunch of men thinking about women and trying to do justice in some kind of portrait of them.” In keeping with these themes, the National added new voices with guest appearances on the album by female vocalists such as Lisa Hannigan, Eve Owen, Sharon Van Etten, Mina Tindle, and Kate Stables.


    8. … The director titles the band’s album

    Mills insisted on using the lyric “I am easy to find” from a song called “Washington” as the album’s name and asked to retitle the song as well. He thought the deceptively fugitive phrase captured the themes of the film and the album. “[Vikander’s character] is in every shot,” Mills says. “It’s like, ‘I’m easy to find, but I’m not.’ It’s not revealing the thing; it’s just saying that it is easy to find the thing.”



    Written by Alissa on
    May 5th/2019

    Hello, everyone. As I said, I am working on expanding the website. I added to the gallery all of the campaign photoshoots Alicia has done as well as few behind the scenes photos. Make sure to check them out! The Advertising Campaigns category in out gallery is now complete. Enjoy!


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    May 4th/2019

    Hello, everyone! I am Alissa, the new owner of AliciaVikander.org. I want to say a huge thank you to The Fan Carpet for letting me adopt the website. I am thrilled to start running it! I am currently working on all pages as they were missing so keep an eye on the website for updates. I will soon upload thousands of photos of Alicia in the gallery including the latest appearances and photoshoots.

    As you can see, the site has a new theme. I am really excited to show it to you because I designed and coded it. I hope you all like it! Visit us again for more site updates and the latest news about Alicia!

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    May 3rd/2019

    Alicia Vikander is the covergirl of the december issue of VOGUE Espana, for their 30th issue anniversary. Check out the pictures in the gallery below.


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    December 19th/2018


    Alicia Vikander and Lily James are getting married for the Four Weddings and a Funeral Sequel for Red Nose Day! This short movie will be 12 minutes long and should be out next year. Excited?

    Written by Alissa on
    December 19th/2018

    DEADLINE – Marking the second Oscar-winning actress recruited by director Julie Taymor to play iconic feminist activist Gloria Steinem, Alicia Vikander is in negotiations to star in My Life On The Road, the film based on Steinem’s memoir. Vikander will play Steinem from about age 20-40, during her formative years. Julianne Moore has already signed on to play Steinem as she grew from a reluctant spokesperson of a movement, into a galvanizing symbol for equality. The film focuses on the encounters along the road that helped to shape her.

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    October 7th/2018

    Hello everyone, I am the new admin here and I will be taking over the site from now on. Lots of things are happening here : we are changing names and there is a big gallery update coming up. Please check back later for all the latest news of the swedish actress !

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